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VirtualiPhone Ltd. more [polski] [angielski]

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Rishon
Ulica: 14 Hahoma
Telefon: +972 39 13618
Faks: +972
Firm Rank: 0
VirtualiPhone Ltd. jest międzynarodową firmą mającą duże doświadczenie w zakresie świadczenia nowoczesnych usług telekomunikacyjnych przez Internet. Gootec jest telefonem internetowym, który realizuje wysokiej jakości połączenia głosowe oraz wideokonferencje z kilkoma użytkownikami jednocześnie. Połączenia z PC do PC są bezpłatne natomiast realizacja międzynarodowych połączeń z Gootec na numery stacjonarne lub komórkowe na całym świecie wymaga zasilenia konta kredytem[...]

IOI Group more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Rhishon Le-zihon
Ulica: 14, Hairis st.
Telefon: +972 54 3017166
Faks: +972 54 3017166
Firm Rank: 0
The IOI (Israeli Organization of Importes ) Group is trade & Import and chain stores. We import from China,Taiwan and Turkey, Home Electric appliances, Furniture, Laptops computer, Iron, GSM Mobile phone ect. Our target market is : Israel, Turkey and Jordan.[...]

M.P.L International Trade Ltd. more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Rishon Lezion
Ulica: Ma'agal Hashalom st.
Telefon: +972 3 9615131
Faks: +972 3 9416232
Firm Rank: 0
At MPL we endeavor to cater for the specific needs and requirements of individual markets. Our Global team offers a consolidated, cost-effective service to the international trading community. We provide cohesive marketing advice to our clients backed by effecting logistic solutions are it road, air or sea. M.P.L is a leading distributor of domestic appliances as well as professional, office and consumer electronics. With our Headquarters in London, UK, we are centrally located to handle[...]

Edusoft Ltd. more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Rosh Ha'ayin
Ulica: Hamelacha 16
Telefon: +972 3 9002440
Faks: +972 3 9002401
Firm Rank: 0
Edusoft is an established world leader in the field of interactive multimedia educational content. Its award-winning products integrate state-of-the-art technology with the latest educational approaches. Edusoft develops and produces comprehensive educational programs in English, Early Childhood Learning and Sciences that are used by over four million people in 25 languages in over 50 countries around the world. Edusoft’s educational solutions have evolved into a comprehensive product offering,[...]

Silverbyte Systems more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Nesher
Ulica: P.O.Box 490
Telefon: +972 4 8812812
Faks: +972 4 8210903
Firm Rank: 0
Silverbyte Systems is a leading supplier of advanced, superior technology to the hotel business. With over 300 installations in Israel, Europe and Africa and a fully operational ASP to the hospitality industry, the company has the resources to be continually developing its products; whilst still small enough provide personal customer attention. Silverbyte Systems has specialized in setting up advanced solutions for hotel chains based on centralizing computer resources and information. This solution[...]

Aganim Maintenance Ltd more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Beer Sheva
Ulica: 18/1 Troompeldor St.
Telefon: +972 8 6279301
Faks: +972 8 6278833
Firm Rank: 0
Aganim was founded in 1991 and since then we provide our customers the highest level of service and technical knowledge in repairing PC boards and Electronic control We are repairing PC boards from all technologies and manufacturers: AC/DC Motor Drivers, Servo Drives, Servo amplifiers, Industrial monitors, Power supplies and a lot more of other electronic\electric systems, no matter if they are current or obsolete. Aganim's employees are experienced engineers with high skills in electronics[...]

Preiss.Com Computing Solutions and Communication Systems more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Rishon LeZion
Ulica: Tzelalichin 10
Telefon: +972 03 9691206
Faks: +972 03 9691206
Firm Rank: 0
Preiss com is a dealer company which distribute computing and laser instruments and system for a variety range of heavy and light industrial and constructors applications. We are always looking for the best solutions for our customers needs, meaning of meeting his worksite needs, and meeting their financial needs. Looking forward to help and consult your ideas.[...]

Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. more

Kraj: Izrael
Region: Izrael
Miasto: Holon
Ulica: P.O.Box 1377
Telefon: +972 3 5037095
Firm Rank: 0
Alonex Electronic Engineering Labs provide industrial electronic and computer equipment repair, refurbishment & remanufacturing services. The company performs a high level of the services for differenet civilian and military industries, for governmental and scientific organizations, being located here in Israel, and worldwide. PC Boards, Control Cards, Fiber Optic NIM Cards, Programable Logic Controllers, AC/DC Motor Drives, Step-Motor Drives, Brushless Motor Drives, Servo Amplifiers, Ultrasonic[...]

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